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In-person sessions, classes, meditations, telephone, and video sessions. 

*Many of my individual sessions are over the phone. There is no such thing as time or space in the realm we work within so it does not have to be in person.

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Advanced Intuitive Healing Certification

Advanced Certification

Begins sept 18th - dec 4th

wednesDAYS Weekly

3 Month Weekly Course

11.30 AM – 2.00 pM

The DEN Meditation Center



You will learn a new way of running energy. We continue to read energy and learn advanced healing techniques. This takes you to a deeper level of crown chakra seniority and knowing.

Besides working on your reading ability, this Intuitive Healing Advanced Training emphasizes personal growth.

Examples of Lectures:

* Creative Rings & Personal Power© -  A new way of running energy.  

* The Eighth Chakra – The higher self and how to use it.

* Report Stations© 

* Anchor Points & the Silver Cord©

* Core Pictures  

* The Genetic Entity© 

* Parent/Child /Adult - Which one are you being?  

* Past Life Symbols, the Past life Aura© 

* Exploring Your Karma©

* Aliens & UFOs 

* Memory banks© & Repairing the Brain

* Remote Viewing  

* Male–Female Communication

* Your Connection to the Astrological Planets and How to Use Their Energies

* Kundalini  

* Setting the Energy for a Room or Situation  

* Intro to Trance Mediumship 

* Advanced Healing Techniques 

* Assisting Someone in Dying

* Learn how to close down your Automatic Response Control Mechanisms and integrate into the 7th chakra for total knowing.