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In-person sessions, classes, meditations, telephone, and video sessions. 

*Many of my individual sessions are over the phone. There is no such thing as time or space in the realm we work within so it does not have to be in person.

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Basic Intuitive Healing Certification - Phone

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One-time payment of $1500
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4.5 monthly payment plan
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Mondays, 9.30 am PST

Beginning January 28, 2019

Prior to class you will receive a Dial in Number and private access code. It will be the same each week. Our class is recorded so if you miss one, you may listen to the recording to catch up. This will be a small limited group.

In this 18 week intensive program, you will learn to tap into your own special gifts, which will change your life and alter your perspective in a positive way.   You will get more of your energy back and be able to hear your inner voice better than one could ever imagine.  The Intuitive Healing Program helps you heal from past issues or experiences and better equips you to deal with day-to-day events.   Using the tools of this program will enable you to find more harmony and ease in creating your goals and life aspirations. At the end of the program you will be certified as an Intuitive Healing Practitioner. You will be able to facilitate healing and also read energy.

 This 4.5 Month Weekly Program includes:

  • 24 Lectures

  • Practice Reading & Healing Others Weekly

Examples of Lectures:

  • Reading the aura-present, past & future

  • Exploring the chakras

  • Reading past lives & how they affect you

  • Cords & Communication

  • Speaking to beings & spirit guides and how to have them help you

  • Talking to Dead People

  • Repairing holes in the aura

  • How to de-energize life experiences that keep you stuck

  • Forgiveness & Karma

  • Access the Akashic records

  • Out of Body Healing

  • Deprogramming Yourself

  • Long Distance Healings

  • Protecting Yourself

  • Reading People

  • Hear Spirits when desired

  • Learn to heal & read without picking up others’ energies

  • Enthusiasm, Amusement, and Effortlessness: how to set the crown chakra. (The importance of each as a spiritual vibration for growth and freedom.)

  • Neutrality and Body of Glass

  • Clearing a room, house, office space

  • Perfect Pictures and Resistance

  • Agreements and Contracts

  • Families – Contracts and agreements

  • And Much More

Everyone has intuition. Learn to tap into and develop your own abilities more fully.

To Sign Up, email or call me directly.

PRICING: $1800

2 options:

Pre-class Discount total payment of $1500 ($300 savings)
4 monthly payments of $400/mo and final $200 at Graduation