Advanced Certification

Begins sept 18th - dec 4th

wednesDAYS Weekly

3 Month Weekly Course

11.30 AM – 2.00 pM

The DEN Meditation Center



You will learn a new way of running energy. We continue to read energy and learn advanced healing techniques. This takes you to a deeper level of crown chakra seniority and knowing.

Besides working on your reading ability, this Intuitive Healing Advanced Training emphasizes personal growth.

Examples of Lectures:

* Creative Rings & Personal Power© -  A new way of running energy.  

* The Eighth Chakra – The higher self and how to use it.

* Report Stations© 

* Anchor Points & the Silver Cord©

* Core Pictures  

* The Genetic Entity© 

* Parent/Child /Adult - Which one are you being?  

* Past Life Symbols, the Past life Aura© 

* Exploring Your Karma©

* Aliens & UFOs 

* Memory banks© & Repairing the Brain

* Remote Viewing  

* Male–Female Communication

* Your Connection to the Astrological Planets and How to Use Their Energies

* Kundalini  

* Setting the Energy for a Room or Situation  

* Intro to Trance Mediumship 

* Advanced Healing Techniques 

* Assisting Someone in Dying

* Learn how to close down your Automatic Response Control Mechanisms and integrate into the 7th chakra for total knowing.