This work is based deeply in ancient and universal mystery schools roots of healing through psychic meditation. 

Specifically through the use of clairvoyant "energy tools" and active connection to spirit.  

The core method comes from a modern approach from the Berkeley Psychic Institute. however There are many branches from this foundation that have expanded and evolved creating many options to learn, grow, and heal the body mind and spirit. 

This is an energetic, intuitive, and spiritual healing experience.

My work is about bringing this connection and experience in to the modern practical every day, making it accessible to each person. 

There is no requirement for a belief system or any meditation experience.

You will feel your own connection- to self- and find a sense of ease- thru this experiential process.  

you gather your energy back from your busy life to establish your personal connection so you can move forward replenished, more centered, peaceful, and ultimately empowered. 


Sessions, Classes, Meditations, Readings, and Energy work:

When we do a session together, I approach it setting all other beliefs aside: your body, your thoughts, your physical pain, your desire- it is ALL energy.  

Everything is connected and effected and can be worked on, changed, and called in.

When we work on something like anxiety for example, we look at what is happening with you, and start to learn together how to move the energy so that it's flowing through you, and working with you, not against you.  

This way we begin to change the cause and eventually the effect of your current concern.

This is about you co-creating your life and manifesting what you truly want and can have.

This is what you are capable of and we work together to reveal it and allow it to transpire. Anything is possible.  Meaning there are no limits.  

We learn to let go of energies not serving us, and the limits begin to come off creating more possibility.  

It can be anything from feeling overwhelmed, to desiring a change of career.  You may want a girlfriend, have fertility problems, an illness, or be depressed.

You may want to move or have the courage to do something entirely new in your life.

You may need to do public speaking or to be able confront someone that you are fearful about.

You may yearn for forgiveness or have trauma to be healed.

You may be aware and sensitive to other dimensions and want clarity, peace, or boundaries with this.

Whatever it is that is prompting you, we work together to move the energy that is stagnant and create positive change.

I look at where you are as spirit in present time, to see what is going on and what wants to be seen. Usually I have a system to go by to determine what kind of growth period you are in.  I look at your chakras and layers of your aura to see what information is there.  It’s great if you have a specific question then I can focus and see the energy around that. It is your spirit revealing the information to me.  I'm not predicting or telling you anything you aren’t showing--I'm simply reading the energy of what is there.  An amazing thing happens when we are aware and allow a reading.  The energy shifts and starts to release anything stuck we see.  So it is a very transformative and healing process that allows you to move into deeper alignment with your true path.  This process is not about predicting the future. The future is fluid depending on our growth. 

Life is limitless. This experience creates a shift in some way, whether small or large. Learning to let go of one’s "stories" enables a positive experience of connecting with one’s true self. If one is religious or atheist, it makes no difference. This is an experience of the self, whatever your true self is. 

I offer guidance with taking the next step forward in life.

My readings often involve messages from the spirit world, the departed, loved ones, and guides. I look at specific questions and help the client manifest and bring more into your life.

I facilitate help with illness and pain, addiction, negative belief systems, healing relationships, cutting cords and agreements.

Often I look at past lives.

If you are an advanced healer or practitioner, or unaware of this quality, I help you work with any confusion or fear about this gift.  

Students learn to form better boundaries and their own abilities to do exactly this work, on themselves and on others.

My goal is to help you create more space, clarity, peace, self trust, and always- healing - so that you can live more fully on your own authentic path.

I do this work with individuals and groups.

Specifically I work often with anxiety, fertility, women's health, addiction, PTSD, mental health issues, manifesting change, and more.

I teach Psychic and Energy tools privately and with The Intuitive Insights Center Los Angeles, and The Den Meditation Center in Los Angeles.

The private sessions are done over the telephone.