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“I work from the intuitive space, and I teach others how to use their intuitive space. We learn how to work with our intuition, and that process is a healing process. We learn how to heal ourselves, to heal others, and it doesn’t mean to fix - it means to work with what we need, what’s going on, what our blocks and issues are, and we learn how to work with it and release it.”



Domination University


It is a real honor to have brought this next guest to Domination University. Kathryn Schiff has not only been named one of the top 50 psychics in the US, but I have the honor of calling her my teacher! Kathryn Schiff is a renowned intuitive healer in Los Angeles, who consults with clients worldwide.

I met Kathryn several years ago, through an Energy School in San Diego called Intuitive Insights. Her readings are extremely precise but the wisdom she provides is life changing.

Kathryn teaches people full time how to access their power, their truth. Most of our lives, we’ve received some type of programming of “the way life is.” Life is often filled with effort, work, sacrifice and other types of labor. Struggle often leads society to feed us doubt. Commercially we’re fed a taste of a dream outside ourselves where material aspiration is the only liberation. Kathryn helps you deprogram from the propaganda of the ego and realign with your life purpose.

The wisdom she teaches is ancient but the tools are modern. One of the most fantastic foundations of her practice, is independence. What is the point of self development if you have to depend on other people or things? For me personally, spiritual growth should be practical. As a self proclaimed rock and roll Mary Poppins, I love the aesthetics of kitchen witchery, pagan mediums, holistic gadgets and more but sometimes all we have at our disposal is our hearts and our minds. Sometimes all we can do is meditate, be mindful and work the energy on a quantum plane. Working with the energy is often the first step to healing. Working with the energy and removing fear is often the first step to true understanding.

In a world of unlimited possibilities, we all have our truth. What’s more important than the details of how our human mind defines or describes our concept of truth, is the practical application into this world. Can it make the world a better place? Can it make me a better person? Can it enrich my expression and purpose in this life? Kathryn is a skilled teacher who can help you revolutionize your self awareness and peel back the layers that has guarded it. As human beings, we often have a lot of stuff, karma, traumatic pictures, regret, judgement. We have good stuff too, joy, grace, tolerance, kindness. Kathryn can guide you into consciously choosing your stuff. When the human mind puts intention and directs energy into this world, the magic of ease can follow. We can and we were meant to be conscious creators and mindful architects of our lives.

Centuries ago, Socrates said, “an unexamined life is not worth living.” Get to know the witchy philosopher that is Kathryn Schiff at her website . Whether or not you have burning questions, need assistance manifesting, or wisdom healing, Kathryn is a powerful and patient reader and intuitive healer.

Listen to the podcast and make your own judgments. You can count on us to ask tough questions. Kathryn answers many often misunderstood notions of energy work gracefully on this episode. Look forward to a conversation wildly exploratory, from empaths to Edgar Cayce, aliens and parallel universes, philosophy, religion, spirit and more. Hold space with Kathryn and know your truth.

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“We never die. Our energy just leaves this awesome shell that we are in and goes to the astral.”
– Kathryn Schiff

DENtalks Podcast

#18 // Meet your Spirit Guides with Kathryn Schiff

Today we’re talking to a PSYCHIC! Kathryn Schiff, a favorite over at DEN Meditation is with us on DENtalks Podcast today and we go deep into the world of energy. We chat how we’re all made of energy, which means we’re all connected, what happens to us after we pass, aka the Astro plane, and what signs to look for as validation from the other side. Kathryn even shares what big message our spirit guides want us to know. We all have psychic abilities, and she shares how YOU can do little things every day to open yourself up to them. This all may seem “woo woo,” but the point is it all effects the way you look at yourself and love yourself. When you connect with your own energy, it allows you to gain clarity in the world and make life easier. This conversation will make you look at things differently, and take in every little moment of life. She shares a 10 min Grounding Meditation at the end as her personal practice, which we guarantee will get you into a very deep meditation. Want more from Kathryn? She teaches The DEN Meditation Psychic classes and DEN Meditation’s Intuitive Healing Certification both Basic and Advanced levels.