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I was born and raised in Dallas. Studied philosophy in Virginia and Paris. Lived in San Francisco most of my adult life. I was a partner in a successful commercial photography agency that thrives to this day- still run by my spirit sis and goddaughter's mother. I've always been free spirit and adventurer and traveled to many places in the world- always exploring, searching, and listening. During a long stay in Buenos Aires, something shifted in my intuitive space. I starting noticing messages from the Universe, what many would see as coincidences or strange occurrences. These were very personal and direct. The more I opened to see and hear, the more information arrived. 

Soon I moved to Santa Fe, NM and started meditating at a psychic center. Almost immediately my sense of self shifted. I discovered kind of a silent language that felt familiar, at home. After several years of study at The Center for Inner Truth in Santa Fe, developing my 6th chakra, I became a clairvoyant reader, certified as a teacher of intuition, and ordained as a spiritual minister. 

Today, I practice a unique method that psychically looks at the client in terms of growth cycles and life path. I facilitate healing on the energy centers (the chakras) and the personal psychic space (the aura). This helps to release energetic stagnation, attachments, outdated or negative belief patterns, other people’s energy, fear and other emotions that keep one from healing and from moving forward, to your highest potential. This process of letting go allows more clarity and ease in one’s life path. I work together with the client to create a healing and also clairvoyantly reads what is going on. 

I was included as one of the Top 50 Psychics in the US. in Jennifur Diamonds 2016 Edition. You can grab a copy of this book Here.

I work with individuals and groups. I teach Meditation, Clairvoyance, and Energy tools, privately and in classes. I am also on staff at The Den Meditation Center Los Angeles, and remotely with the Center For Inner Truth Santa Fe and Intuitive Insights Center Los Angeles



This work is based deeply in ancient and universal mystery schools roots of healing through psychic meditation. 

Specifically through the use of clairvoyant "energy tools" and active connection to spirit.  

The core method comes from a modern approach from the Berkeley Psychic Institute. however There are many branches from this foundation that have expanded and evolved creating many options to learn, grow, and heal the body mind and spirit. 

This is an energetic, intuitive, and spiritual healing experience.

My work is about bringing this connection and experience in to the modern practical every day, making it accessible to each person. 

There is no requirement for a belief system or any meditation experience.

You will feel your own connection- to self- and find a sense of ease- thru this experiential process.  

you gather your energy back from your busy life to establish your personal connection so you can move forward replenished, more centered, peaceful, and ultimately empowered. 


Sessions, Classes, Meditations, Readings, and Energy work:

When we do a session together, I approach it setting all other beliefs aside: your body, your thoughts, your physical pain, your desire- it is ALL energy.  

Everything is connected and effected and can be worked on, changed, and called in.

When we work on something like anxiety for example, we look at what is happening with you, and start to learn together how to move the energy so that it's flowing through you, and working with you, not against you.  

This way we begin to change the cause and eventually the effect of your current concern.

This is about you co-creating your life and manifesting what you truly want and can have.

This is what you are capable of and we work together to reveal it and allow it to transpire. Anything is possible.  Meaning there are no limits.  

We learn to let go of energies not serving us, and the limits begin to come off creating more possibility.  

It can be anything from feeling overwhelmed, to desiring a change of career.  You may want a girlfriend, have fertility problems, an illness, or be depressed.

You may want to move or have the courage to do something entirely new in your life.

You may need to do public speaking or to be able confront someone that you are fearful about.

You may yearn for forgiveness or have trauma to be healed.

You may be aware and sensitive to other dimensions and want clarity, peace, or boundaries with this.

Whatever it is that is prompting you, we work together to move the energy that is stagnant and create positive change.

I look at where you are as spirit in present time, to see what is going on and what wants to be seen. Usually I have a system to go by to determine what kind of growth period you are in.  I look at your chakras and layers of your aura to see what information is there.  It’s great if you have a specific question then I can focus and see the energy around that. It is your spirit revealing the information to me.  I'm not predicting or telling you anything you aren’t showing--I'm simply reading the energy of what is there.  An amazing thing happens when we are aware and allow a reading.  The energy shifts and starts to release anything stuck we see.  So it is a very transformative and healing process that allows you to move into deeper alignment with your true path.  This process is not about predicting the future. The future is fluid depending on our growth. 

Life is limitless. This experience creates a shift in some way, whether small or large. Learning to let go of one’s "stories" enables a positive experience of connecting with one’s true self. If one is religious or atheist, it makes no difference. This is an experience of the self, whatever your true self is. 

I offer guidance with taking the next step forward in life.

My readings often involve messages from the spirit world, the departed, loved ones, and guides. I look at specific questions and help the client manifest and bring more into your life.

I facilitate help with illness and pain, addiction, negative belief systems, healing relationships, cutting cords and agreements.

Often I look at past lives.

If you are an advanced healer or practitioner, or unaware of this quality, I help you work with any confusion or fear about this gift.  

Students learn to form better boundaries and their own abilities to do exactly this work, on themselves and on others.

My goal is to help you create more space, clarity, peace, self trust, and always- healing - so that you can live more fully on your own authentic path.

I do this work with individuals and groups.

Specifically I work often with anxiety, fertility, women's health, addiction, PTSD, mental health issues, manifesting change, and more.

I teach Psychic and Energy tools privately and with The Intuitive Insights Center Los Angeles, and The Den Meditation Center in Los Angeles.

The private sessions are done over the telephone. 


I enrolled in the Intuitive Healing Program in an attempt to deepen my awareness and connection to my own spirituality.  It was one of the best decisions that I have ever made.  What I got not only exceeded  my expectations, it was profoundly life changing for me.  Kathryn Schiff is like no other teacher I have ever met and I feel so blessed to have been her student.  She is pure of heart and creates a safe space filled with comfort, support, kindness and camaraderie all while teaching.  She is completely dedicated to her students and is always accessible to them and ready to give of herself.  Her instruction and gifts to me are something that I will carry with me for the rest of my life, and I look forward to continuing my training with Kathryn.

- Nadia S

Kathryn Schiff’s ‘School of Intuitive Greater Healing’, certification course, was one of the best experiences I ever had. 
Kathryn creates a very safe and nurturing environment for her students to discover their natural inner-healing skills, and create new and lasting friendships. I had no prior experience in the energy healing world, and I was able to jump right in. 
The curriculum is very simple yet fascinating. There are no required books or note-taking. Every class provides endless opportunities to give and receive healings in a very relaxing and uplifting environment.

- Hilary M

Kathryn has been my rock, and my go-to healer when I needed to release someone or something from my life. She is so intuitive and puts the pieces together, so it all makes sense. I am able to get closure just in one session which has always been life changing. I referred her to friends of mine who said they had the same life changing, load lifting experiences. I am so grateful to have her in my life.

-C, Designer and CEO

 Kathryn is an incredibly gifted intuitive who provides very accessible and practical techniques to help students achieve a more grounded, calm, and balanced state. I cannot recommend her classes highly enough, if you have the opportunity to attend, you should absolutely do so! 

-Kristin S., Public Relations Manager 


I have attended multiple classes and sessions with Kathryn, I always feel cleared, more confident & a sense of ease mixed with joy following them.  I look at it as self care that I revisit often to fly right. With gratitude.

-Thayer, Director and Photographer


Kathryn brought her Intuition workshop to my former yoga studio, Hollywood Power Yoga. In an intimate and welcoming setting, Kathryn led us through visualizations that helped me connect with my intuitive heart. She provided tools to each of the participants to help them with specific challenges including maintaining balance and personal space in relationships. Treat yourself to Kathryn's healing guidance.

-C. Yoga Teacher


"Kathryn is amazing. I find her sessions to be uplifting and transformational. If you're going through a rough patch or ready to effect some positive change in your life, give her a call. She's the best!"

-D. Ceres, Freelance Writer 


“After my session with Kathryn, I felt a greater sense of clarity, peace and understanding. She is transformative.” 

-P. Entrepreneur, TV Presenter, Founder of Pop and Suki & Happy Not Perfect


It sounds crazy, but my chats with Kathryn turn everything around – from dark to light, anxiety to peace, from negativity to joy.  She’s taught me to isolate and release the toxic energies that drag me down – and that’s more important than ever now! She makes me feel normal, and that's an amazing feeling – to feel like myself again.

-L. Artist, Environmentalist

Kathryn helped me discover my soul purpose.  Then she coached me in aligning my activities with that purpose.  She did that through personal one-on-one sessions, and by teaching my clairvoyant classes.  With her help I have discovered a deeper level of personal power that I had only dreamt about.  To say the least, I am very grateful for her clarity and upbeat personality.

-Robert, Body Work Therapist

I regard Kathryn as the psychic's psychic. That's how awesome she is. With her training and background, you can tell she brings a unique brand of reading, healing and teaching that you just have to experience for yourself.
I know this about Kathryn because she has been a great guide, mentor and teacher for me as I develop my own clairvoyant abilities. Even though I don't train with her directly anymore, Kathryn is still my go-to clairvoyant whenever I have simple questions or need an in-depth energy check, reading and healing.
As a clairvoyant reader and healer, Kathryn is head and shoulders above many other psychics I have come into contact with. My experience is often times, many other psychics will brag about how great or talented they are. Kathryn doesn't have to do that. Kathryn just IS great and talented, not to mention just a very kind and genuine human being.
For myself, I can insightfully say I've become better - as a person and as a reader - as a result of receiving healings and learning from Kathryn.
Thanks Kathryn for all that you contribute to the world.
-Joe, Medical Technical and Sales Mgr, Former Student, Clairvoyant Teacher

Kathryn is truly a gifted healer and I highly recommend her to all my friends and family. Its as if she's able to offer years of therapy squeezed into one session and her ability to pickup on things going on in my life are very accurate. A session with Kathryn is a very soul-cleansing experience; if everyone would do it on a regular basis, we would all walk around being lighter and brighter.
-Julia, Graphic Designer

Kathryn is a nurturing, intuitive spirit who has helped me in person and on the phone to unlock parts of myself holding me back from the most satisfying version of my life. She has given me the tools to take my happiness and into my own hands.
-Jennifer, Public Relations.

One session with Kathryn, and she restored the ‘myself’ that I’d been missing for a long, long time. You don’t realize how much negative energy you might be unconsciously living with – until it gets stripped away, like a fog lifting, replaced by bright sunshine. Kathryn has that unique gift, an ability to separate you from the dark, predatory gravities that surround us. If you’re experiencing an uptick in bad moods, dragging around a heavy weight that feels pointless, or just have lost your optimism about the world, I would highly recommend you call Kathryn today!
-Lauren, Writer

I have met with Kathryn several times both on the phone and in person and each time I am amazed at how I feel after.  I am calm, centered, and focused on what I want in my life.  One session with Kathryn is the equivalent to months if not years of traditional therapy.
-Julia, VP, Commercial Real Estate Assets

I first met Kathryn in 2010 and it wasn't until 2012 that I was compelled to reach out to her to work on shifting my energy and finding an overall balance in my life.  In my first conversation with Kathryn I found her to be a very understanding person who is very easy to open up to.  After our initial conversation I was able to develop a deeper understanding as to what was holding me back and gained a new perspective on my past experiencesSince then we have worked on meditations which I have incorporated into my daily life. Overall I have more physical and mental energy, am starting to remove the blocks that are preventing me from obtaining my goals, and have a more positive outlook on life and my personal journey.  Kathryn not only has a robust knowledge of her craft but she also has a calming, kind, and understanding presence.
-Kathryn, Account Supervisor

Kathryn is absolutely amazing. She has helped me so much over the past year. I am usually not one that believes in such things, but Kathryn is the real deal! I can't stress enough how much better I feel emotionally and physically after a session with Kathryn. I am extremely grateful to have met Kathryn. She is a remarkable woman.  


One BIG difference that I have experienced that you offer which is unique to guided imagery,....IS that non-guided meditation is as simple as being still, and in that moment; trying to reach a state of being, where the individual experiences peace of mind!  It's kind of like, or exactly like sitting still and trying to will myself into a peaceful state through some type of surrender!  However this takes practice as you know, and alcoholics and addicts find this doesn't work for them; especially without practice.  Always when they try in the beginning, they find it hard and most give up!  Or worse, they come to believe that meditation either doesn't work, or that they can't get it to work!  In either case they give up. BUT, with guided meditation there's no trying!  It's more like being still and listening, or being still and following the leader; the surrender comes more naturally!Instead of trying to will myself into peace, someone is guiding me through imagery while being still; and I am taken on a journey which does the work for me!  This makes it easier for someone who doesn't practice meditation to experience the peaceful state!

-James, Writer, Speaker

I went for a walk this morning and felt so much lighter. I feel ready to move on now!
-Cyndi, Independent Art Consultant & Curator

Kathryn's amazing. She's my go-to person whenever I feel stuck or in need of guidance. Each session with Kathryn is a healing journey that not only address my current needs but also leaves me with fresh insights and ways of approaching energy in a more neutral, intuitive manner.
-Diana, Writer/Editor

I knew when I first met Kathryn in San Diego that she was someone very powerful. During a time of immense transition and change she lovinglyguided me through meditations which not only helped to enliven my spirit but literally got me the job I wanted within 24 hours of her awesome manifestation meditation. I couldn't believe it! Having her in my life has given me great encouragement, trust, and faith in a loving Higher Power. I feel very grateful that she has come into my life and all the support she provides.  I highly recommended her.
-Rebecca, Yoga Therapist

When I began my session with Kathryn, I was very tense and had a lot of negative energy the end of our session, I was relaxed and felt the negative energy dematerialize. I was calm and refreshed.
-Elizabeth, MSW, LCSW

I recently had a clearing with Kathryn. Having never gone through one, I found myself with some skepticism and a ton of hope. The meditation was wonderful! It was so easy to get into an open space with Kathryn, allowing for her to work with my spiritual life. I felt at ease the very second I sat down. Her guidance helped me tremendously with the relationships I want very much and the relationships I want no part of. As spiritually inclined as I would consider myself, Kathryn was there for the inexplicable. 
-Richard, Zen Priest