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What is our work here on earth, the work of people? Let’s say we agree that every human on this planet wants to know what our purpose is & also to feel love. Purpose and love. I believe our purpose here is to connect with one another & recognize ourselves in each other. In that; we experience love in many & various ways & we also find healing & transformation. Often it’s a chaotic & challenging process this life journey, but YOU get to choose how you want to participate in your own life. You are co-creator. That’s our work here. To honor, forgive, validate & deeply love our own self, so that we may be able to do so with others. This is humanity’s potential on this vibrant planet Earth.


“I work from the intuitive space, and I teach others how to use their intuitive space. We learn how to work with our intuition, and that process is a healing process. We learn how to heal ourselves, to heal others, and it doesn’t mean to fix - it means to work with what we need, what’s going on, what our blocks and issues are, and we learn how to work with it and release it.”

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Intuitive Healing is energy healing. It is both a healing and a reading. It includes and is in essence Chakra and Aura Balancing

I offer individual sessions, classes, workshops, psychic readings, energy healings, and meditation services to help you to open your conscious awareness and stimulate healing in these areas and more:

Manifesting what you want.

Increase your connection to spirit through deepening your relationship with yourself.

Cultivate a peaceful mind through neutrality and joy.

Advance your awareness, understanding, and control of your own psychic abilities.

Release stuck energy or trauma: physically, emotionally, spiritually.

Learn to heal yourself while you heal others.

Use your spiritual abilities to live your soul’s purpose.

Learn about and use your spirit guides and guardian angels.

Learn about chords and agreements with others in your space, and break ones that no longer serve you.

Clear out physical spaces like your home or office.



This work is based deeply in the ancient and universal mystery schools roots of healing through psychic meditation. 

Specifically through the use of clairvoyant "energy tools" and active connection to spirit.  

The core philosophy comes from the Berkeley Psychic Institute. There are many branches from this foundation that have expanded and evolved creating many options to learn, grow, and heal the body mind and spirit. Our focus is that no one owns your space but you. You are your own guru, you know best for yourself.

This is an energetic, intuitive, and spiritual healing experience.

My work is about bringing this connection and experience in to the modern practical every day, making it accessible to each person. 

There is no requirement for a belief system or any meditation experience.

You will feel your own connection- to self- and find a sense of ease- thru my guidance and healings.  

I will help you gather your energy back from your busy life to establish your personal connection so you can move forward replenished, more centered, peaceful, and ultimatly empowered. 






Basic Certification

Tuesdays Weekly 2019

Begins Sept 17th

3 Month Weekly Intensive Training

10.30 am — 1.30 pm

The DEN Meditation Center

La Brea location

Everyone has intuition. Learn to tap into and develop your own abilities more fully.


Advanced Certification

Wednesdays Weekly 2019

Begins Sept 18th

3 Month Weekly Intensive training

11.30 aM – 2.00 pM

The DEN Meditation Center

La Brea location

You will learn a new way of running energy. We continue to read energy and learn advanced healing techniques. This takes you to a deeper level of crown chakra seniority and knowing.


Spiritual Leadership

Thursdays 12 pm - 2


Begins Sept 26th

For Graduates of Advanced IH Program ONLY.

Contact for details.

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Basic & Advanced Certification

Next offering 2020

Wherever you are!

Join this group virtual course.

Conferenced phone version of Basic & Advanced Intuitive Healing Training & Certification.

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