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Spiritual Leadership Program

Thursdays 12pm-2pm

Begins September 26th

Part 1 (every 2 weeks)

1. Being Psychic w/ your eyes open. Homework-write bio

2. Answering questions on the spot

3. Your worst fears about teaching –Answering questions on the spot

4. Using an Assistant and How to be an Excellent Assistant

5. Format of all Classes & the shadow side

6. Running a Healing Clinic & Setting Energy

7. Picking a Healing Master for your students

8. Importance of clean out & common pitfalls


Part 2 (every 2 weeks)

9. How to Lead House healings

10. How Not to teach from your own growth period & when to use your own experiences

11. Games and toys (physical examples)

12. Marketing – Why should I take a class from you?

13. The Real age of students growth periods & caring for your students

14. How to Run a Fair Lecture/Outside

15. Perfect Pictures & Expectations and Also,Where do you teach from (Chakra’s) & where does your student learn from?

16. How to Teach Over the Telephone & What’s the Difference from In-Person Classes and also, Being a student and learning while you teach


Part 3 (every 2 weeks)

17. Spiritual Leaders and Setting a Space of being a spiritual leader in the World- Minister to Masses

18. Teaching without saying Uhs - Being excellent and working your own pictures-Toastmasters-

19. Teaching with your telepathic channels

20. Handling Competition w/ your students – Yours and Theirs & Introducing others & getting out of competition w/other staff members

21. How to Lead business healings

22. Covenants with the Supreme Being and checking in on your students weekly to monitor progress, and also Making goals for your students and holding space so they achieve them.

23. Astral Teaching

24. Next Step on Programs - TM or Hands on Healing or Become Teacher & Go over Staff Policies & Graduation